Workplace Relationships
Productivity through people


1-2-1 Coaching

Are you a leader of a team? Do you want more out of your team?

Do you ever have situations where you want or need to INFLUENCE someone but you’re just not getting as far as you’d like?

Are you frustrated you’re not getting the career progression you want?

how might you be PERCEIVED if you improved your ability to influence when participating in meetings and DECISION making?

Do you want to improve the outcomes of your high-stake conversations?

Do you ever feel like you are not being listened to? We can help. Improve the way people perceive your personal brand.

We run webinars and take individual clients through a 1-2-1 coaching program to improve their influence. This empowers them to step up and improve their relationships within the workplace. Where could you get things done more easily, better, or faster if you could be heard?

We can help you become more influential and visible in your current role - especially if you are looking for promotion!

Our Leadership Coaching focuses on your strengths as a leader and utilising the strengths of those within your team. Understanding motivations and how to work with them (not against), how to lead challenging teams, having feedback conversations, how to approach difficult conversations with different levels within your organisation are all things we are experienced at coaching executives through.

Team work and influence can be improved by working with us. We help you find solutions when working with a difficult or challenging team. We build your skills.

If you could increase your impact when dealing with those in positions of authority, how might this affect your team, influence your career or ease current hassles? We work on your goals to improve your relationships to take your career and team in the direction you want to go.